February 24, 2021

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What exactly is Blackness and what does it mean to be Black?
Is Blackness a matter of biology or consciousness?
Who determines who is Black and who is not?
Who’s Black, who’s not, and who cares?

In the United States, a Black person has come to be defined as any person with any known Black ancestry. Statutorily referred to as “the rule of hypodescent,” this definition of Blackness is more popularly known as the “one-drop rule.” One Drop explores the extent to which historical definitions of race continue to shape contemporary racial identities and lived experiences of racial difference. Featuring the perspectives of 60 contributors representing 25 countries and combining candid narratives with striking portraiture, this book provides living testimony to the diversity of Blackness.

NYU Washington DC welcomed back author and scholar-activist Dr. Yaba Blay in dialogue with photographer Noelle Flores Théard.

DC Dialogues is a promotional partner for this event coordinated by the Institute of African American Affairs and Center for Black Visual Culture

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Dr. Yaba Blay

Dr. Yaba Blay

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Noelle Flores Théard

Noelle Flores Théard