October 5, 2021

Silent Winds, Dry Seas Book Cover

NYU Washington, DC hosted an evening Salon Series conversation with Author and NYU Alumni Vinod Busjeet featuring his new book, Silent Winds, Dry Seas. NYU DC lecturer Sydney Boyd served as interlocutor for the discussion.

700 miles from Madagascar in the Indian Ocean lies the tiny country of Mauritius. Told through richly connected episodes, Silent Winds, Dry Seas (Doubleday, August 17, 2021; Fiction) by Vinod Busjeet is a coming of age story in the 1950’s set on this beautiful and small island. At the center is Vishnu Bhushan, a young boy who has a rare opportunity: a chance to win an academic scholarship that could send him abroad, to Europe or even America.

Unlike the other kids on the colonial island, who were sent out on fishing boats in the turbulent Indian Ocean or to work the sugarcane fields, Vishnu gets to focus on his studies to work toward this goal. While deeply connected to his community, Vishnu sees this scholarship as an opportunity to escape the familial turmoil and hard labor that has existed for generations. It’s a luxury that sets him apart from everyone in his family and moves the narrative of emigration forward; focused on the tribulations of leaving rather than the assimilation of arrival.

Busjeet writes with poetry and beauty to create an illuminating portrait of the vibrant island of Mauritius in this intimate debut. Vishnu’s journey is one of resilience and identity with the backdrop of a gorgeous and diverse island, rich in its own history.

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Vinod Busjeet

Vinod Busjeet

Vinod Busjeet was born in Mauritius, a multiracial island in the Indian Ocean. He holds degrees from Wesleyan University, New York University, and Harvard University and spent twenty-nine years in economic development, finance, and diplomacy, holding positions at the World Bank, International Finance Corporation, and as a secondary school teacher in Mauritius. He lives in Washington, D.C. with his wife. This is his first book.

Sydney Boyd

Sydney Boyd

Sydney Boyd is an editor at the Federation of State Humanities Councils and a lecturer at the NYU Washington, DC Program of New York University, where she teaches classes on writing. Her current book project studies how music shapes narrative temporalities in twentieth-century literature, and one of her essays, "The Color of Sound: Hearing Timbre in Ralph Ellison's Invisible Man," (2018) is published in Arizona Quarterly. She has an essay forthcoming in Contemporary Literature about Robert Ashley’s opera-novel Quicksand.

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