June 7, 2018

Patricia Barber

NYU Washington, DC and the DC Jazz Festival presented an interview with American composer, songwriter, Jazz singer, and pianist Patricia Barber.

From her early days leading a jazz trio in small Chicago nightclubs, Patricia Barber has drawn extravagant accolades. The praise came at first from local writers, impressed by her unique arrangements and coolly composed piano improvisations. As she added vocals to her repertoire, the praise poured in from national reviewers intoxicated by her recordings. And when (after years of international touring) she began to focus on her own compositions, kudos arrived from new fans, besotted by her lapidary lyrics and her often indelible imagery.

Washington, D.C. based music journalist and DJ John Murph facilitated the conversation for the evening.

The NYU Washington, DC Salon Series: Conversations with Writers & Artists offers an opportunity for the NYU and Washington, DC community to meet and engage in dialogue with acclaimed writers and artists as they reflect on their craft. This program provides facilitated conversations that aim to illuminate the guests’ creative processes, discuss their current works, and explain the impact of their work on the world around us.

John Murph

John Murph (Moderator)

John Murph is a Washington, D.C.-based music journalist and DJ. His writing has been published in The Washington Post, The Washington City Paper, NPR Music, The Root, AARP The Magazine, JazzTimes, Down Beat, JazzWise and VIBE Magazine.