October 8, 2015  


Slavoj Žižek is one of Europe’s most influential intellectuals. His thinking is rooted in the European Enlightenment, with a strong basis on German Idealism, Hegel, Marx, and Lacan.

Žižek writes on a diverse range of topics, including political theory, theology, and psychoanalysis. His lectures and appearances around the globe underline his position as a leading contemporary thinker and cultural theorist. He is valued for his critique of global capitalism and as an intellectual figurehead for the leftist protest movement.

The shock over the terrorist attacks in Paris in January 2015 inspired Žižek to write an essay on Islam and modernism. In it, he addresses the rupture between the Western world’s advocacy for tolerance and the fundamental hatred of Western liberalism within radical Islam. Žižek makes a plea for the West to insist on the legacy of the Enlightenment, with its strengths of criticism and self-reflection. He argues for a renaissance of individual autonomy and the sovereignty of the people.

Slovenian Embassy provided wine at the reception to follow in support of this event.

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Ulrich Baer, Ph. D.

Ulrich Baer

Bozo Cerar

Ambassador Božo Cerar

Slavoj Žižek, Ph.D.

Slavoj Žižek, Ph.D.