May 25, 2022

When All is Ruin Once Again poster

Solas Nua's CIFF@Home with NYU DC Dialogues preseneted, When All Is Ruin Once AgainRegistration gave attendees access to an on-demand film link to view ahead of the live Q&A discussion, which included Director Keith Walsh and Filmmaker Luke McManus. 

At the beginning of the Anthropocene – an epoch defined as the period during which human activity has been the dominant influence on the natural world – a rural community carves out their lives while a motorway ploughs forth through their landscape. It goes no further than the town of Gort in the west of Ireland, halted by the dawn of a financial crisis. 

In this poetic documentary from director Keith Walsh who lives in the area where the documentary was made, a myriad of personalities weave an epic tapestry through the bog lands, farms, fire-sides, race tracks and hurling pitches of recession Ireland. “We might all need to be remembered some day” a storyteller by a lake defines the importance of folk tales living on in collective memory. W.B. Yeats, while living in the same area, understood the futility of our quest to be remembered, when he wrote the lines... “And may these characters remain, when all is ruin once again”.

Yeats believed that we live within a pattern of eras that grow and die in recurring time patterns. We are now at the beginning of one of those eras, or gyres as he called them. Perhaps society is now sowing the seeds of our eventual demise on the altar of ‘progress’ at the expense of the world around it.

Hand-picked by Solas Nua's Capital Irish Film Festival, CIFF@Home with NYU DC Dialogues is a bi-monthly, curated series of Irish film. 

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