July 28, 2021

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Solas Nua's Irish Popcorn! film series and NYU Washington, DC presented Plan Bee, a Dearcán Media production.

Bees and pollinators have been declining in Ireland and other countries for decades - as a result of mono-culture, pollution, climate change and disease, and this decline comes at a huge cost to agriculture, to wildflowers and trees, and to many parts of the natural world that we take for granted.

The All Ireland Pollinator Plan (AIPP), set up in 2015, is unique in reversing pollinator decline by engaging with Irish society, mobilizing a citizen's army of gardeners, farmers, community and sports groups, councils and other landowners to become pollinator friendly, protecting the environment and protecting the lives of future generations.

This program was open to everyone. Registration was required in order to receive Zoom log-in details for the webinar. 

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Film Runtime: 50 minutes

In Plan Bee Dr. Úna Fitzpatrick from the National Biodiversity Data Centre, Professor Jane Stout from TCD, and Dr. Pól Mac Cana from Belfast tells us of the variety of pollinators who work on our behalf, the honeybees, the bumblebees as well as Ireland's 77 species of solitary bee. We hear how these pollinators face the same problem of decline in habitats and food sources. The delicate balance of nature - the pollination of fruits and crops, trees and wildflowers in exchange for food and shelter - is breaking down, and pollinators are struggling to survive.

The success of the pollinator plan means that other countries, and the European Union in particular, are looking to Ireland for help in improving the situation of their own pollinators. As Úna Fitzpatrick states, "the beauty about it is that we're not asking 'anybody' to solve this problem, we're asking 'everybody' to get involved, and if everybody took small actions, then together we would solve it."

Commissioned by TG4 with support from the Irish Language Broadcast Fund.