November 17, 2021

From Trump to Biden Book Cover

NYU Students hosted a special conversation with Earl Carr, Editor, From Trump to Biden and Beyond; Chief Global Strategist at Pivotal Advisors; and, Adjunct Faculty at the NYU School of Professional Studies Center for Global Affairs. This was an opportunity for students to both learn more about the book and have a larger discussion concerning US-China relations today. NYU DC Global Leadership Students JJ Briscoe and Harry Paragas served as interlocutors for this session. 

From Trump to Biden and Beyond details how the last four years have seen significant damage in US-China relations that will take years to rebuild. Early signs within the Biden Administration indicate that an expeditious return to strong Sino-US ties is premature at best. To fully address these challenges and regain credibility both at home and abroad, the Biden team will need to recalibrate a new set of values, objectives, and thinking in redefining the most important bilateral relationship in the world. This edited book volume seeks to reimagine US-China relations, provide innovative policy analysis, and utilizes a truly multidisciplinary approach coupled with both first and second-hand quantitative data, infographics, geopolitical analysis, and perspectives from leading experts. More importantly, this book project provides a nuanced perspective highlighting the central issues that will define America and China both now and well into the future. Whether you are a policy-maker, business professional, academic, established practitioner, or a casual observer, this impressive volume provides exceptional insight on issues like technology, trade, cross-Strait relations, security & alliances in East Asia, geopolitics, climate change, and much more.

This session was open to NYU Students and was recorded. 


Earl Carr

Earl Carr

Earl Carr is the Chief Global Strategist at Pivotal Advisors based in New York City. His responsibilities include working closely with the firm’s CEO and President to manage the Global Research Team and to develop and execute the firm’s global research strategy and cross-border business development mandate. Mr. Carr possesses over twenty years of experience working in the private sector and non-profit business organizations. Earl is also an Adjunct Instructor at New York University’s Center for Global Affairs. From 2014- December 2020, Earl worked as a Managing Director and then subsequently a Vice President for International Research at Momentum Advisors, an international wealth management firm where his mandate was to develop and implement the global strategy and cross-border business development. Mr. Carr received his undergraduate degree from The College of William & Mary in International Relations and attained his Master’s degree in International Affairs from American University. Mr. Carr is a Board member at The Association for Diplomatic Studies & Training (ADST) and Board Director at The Global Institute of Financial Professionals (GIFP). Earl is fluent in Mandarin Chinese and conversant in Japanese and Spanish. Earl is a Columnist at Forbes.