February 27, 2020

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Mass shootings have occurred more frequently in the United States over the past decade. In fact, there were more mass shootings in the year of 2019 than there were days. While the statistics and causes for mass shootings are evolving and ongoing, it is clear that gun deaths are on the rise. Americans have come to know the names of schools and towns because of the widespread phenomenon of these atrocities.

The Fall 2019 DC Dialogues Executive Board welcomed March for Our Lives Leader, Emma Rowland, who discussed her experience with March for Our Lives and the ways in which youth can become more involved in creating and finding solutions to gun violence. Rowland provided insights on the access to guns, barriers youth face in transmitting messages to Congress, and the stigma surrounding those experiencing mental health issues that have led mental health to become a central topic in the gun control debate.

In this second student workshop on gun violence, the Spring 2020 DC Dialogues Executive Board welcomed former member of Congress, Dr. Tim Murphy (R-PA-18). Dr. Murphy served in Congress at a pivotal and crucial time when mass shootings across the United States were rampant. He strongly vouched for mental health reform during his tenure in Congress. While existing research disputes a direct link between mass shootings and those with a mental illness, support and resources for those with a mental illness are severely lacking. Dr. Murphy will share with students his view of the status of mental health services and care in the United States, his experience in Congress advocating for mental health reform, and his perspective on potential solutions to gun violence, among other insights.

Please note that this workshop was only available to current NYU DC Students and was photographed.

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Dr. Tim Murphy

Dr. Timothy Murphy is an American psychologist, author, and former politician. A Republican, he served as the U.S. Representative for Pennsylvania's 18th congressional district from 2003-2017. He is a former member of the Pennsylvania State Senate, representing the 37th Senate district, and a commander in the United States Navy Reserve. The 18th district included several suburbs south of Pittsburgh. It was later redrawn by order of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court and became the 14th Congressional District which includes portions of Westmoreland and southern Allegheny County as well as Fayette, Greene and Washington Counties. Murphy consistently carried his district with at least 58% of the vote, including unopposed re-election bids in 2014 and 2016.