April 19, 2019

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The second workshop in the Civil Dialogues Series led by the DC Dialogues Executive Board was co-sponsored with NYU DC's Women's Empowerment Group and NYU DC's Students of Color Association. This Start Smart Salary Negotiation Workshop was facilitated by Andrea Martinez, Manager, Fellowships and Programs at AAUW.

In the United States, women are typically paid less than men over their lifetimes. The gender pay gap mean that women and their families have less money to support themselves, save money and invest in the future. Families, businesses and the economy suffer as a result. In this session students will learn how to articulate their personal value, conduct market research to benchmark target salaries and benefits, and practice negotiation strategies.

Andrea Martinez

Andrea Martinez

Prior to joining the team at AAUW, Andrea Martinez worked at George Mason University with collegiate student initiatives. Her background is in Higher Education Administration, but she has a passion for women’s leadership and access to education. In her spare time, Andrea enjoys travel and meeting new people.

The DC Dialogues Executive Board Civil Dialogues Series consists of a workshop lineup inspired by issues and ideas from the NYU DC Student community. One of the most important democratic issues of today is how people communicate with one another. Citizens gathering, listening to each other and deciding a way forward together is the bedrock of American democracy. Reflecting on this past, how do people engage one another in civil and constructive dialogue to help bridge ideological divides? With the hopes of addressing division within communities, individuals must listen to and learn from each other.