September 26, 2018

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NYU Washington, DC and The Century Foundation co-hosted a day-long workshop on college affordability.

In recent years, dozens of free, debt-free, and reformed financial aid programs and proposals have cropped up in states across the country. State legislatures have finally started to reinvest in higher education, and federal and state-level politicians have increasingly pledged to pursue ambitious action on college affordability and the explosion in student debt.

The day's workshop convened higher education experts, lawmakers, faculty, and advocates to discuss and debate the next big thing in college affordability. Participants identified major obstacles facing low- and middle-income students, laid out bold ideas to address those challenges, and debated actionable policy design to help chart the course for lawmakers in the next Congress and beyond.

Speakers included Jonathan Voss (CAS '03, WAG '07), Vice President, Lake Research, among others.

Jonathan Voss

Jonathan Voss

Jonathan Voss joined Lake Research Partners in 2011 as a Senior Analyst and has a wide range of experience conducting quantitative and qualitative research for a diverse portfolio of clients. A trained focus group moderator, he currently works on a variety of issues for LRP, including Social Security, housing policy, the environment, education, and issues surrounding poverty.  

See the breakdown of the full program on The Century Foundation's website.

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