May 16, 2018

Purple Produce

How can the second poorest country in the western hemisphere also suffer from an epidemic of obesity?

Fulbright Scholar, registered dietitian, and author Dan Fenyvesi, M.S., R.D. presented, “Food, Culture, & Obesity in Nicaragua: A Documentary Short and Discussion” an event co-sponsored by NYU Washington, D.C.

Dan shared his perspective on the global obesity epidemic and the ways to can combat it, on both the personal and global level. His talk customarily addressed the cultural, historical, and nutritional aspects of obesity, he screened his documentary short, A Faustian Bargain, and he held a question-and-answer-session.

Dan Fenyvesi

Dan Fenyvesi

Dan Fenyvesi holds a Masters Degree in Nutrition from Bastyr University and received his Registered Dietitian license from Tulane University. Fenyvesi has spent three years volunteering, studying, and working in Latin America including, via a Fulbright Scholar grant a year as a visiting professor at Nicaragua’s main university. Fenyvesi has also taught college courses on nutrition, health, and stress and worked as a chronic disease specialist in Oakland, a renal dietitian in Washington D.C., and has run weight loss programs for Shane Diet and Fitness Resort, Wellspring Weight Loss Camps, and Rancho La Puerta.