November 15, 2018

The Eternal Feminine Cover

NYU Washington, D.C. and the Mexican Cultural Institute co-hosted the screening of, “The Eternal Feminine." This screening was part of the film festival, Films Across Borders: Stories of Women.

Films Across Borders: Stories of Women showcases inspiring stories of courage, hope, and determination, as international voices and perspectives are portrayed via dramatic features, documentaries and shorts. Despite tremendous challenges, immigrants and refugees are often able to overcome and even prosper beyond the obstacles they face.

Discover the provocative tales of those who strike out for a new life –facing uncertainty, deprivation, and new and often confusing cultures and dangers– as their determination and a longing for a more peaceful life or in some cases, reunion with beloved family members, propel them to migrate.

The film was in Spanish with English subtitles.

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The Eternal Feminine Cover

The Eternal Feminine Synopsis: Rosario Castellanos is an introverted university student who doesn't seem to belong to her time. In the early 1950s in Mexico City, she is fighting to have voice heard in a society run by men. She is about to become one of the biggest female writers in Mexican literature, but her tumultuous love story with Ricardo Guerra will manifest her fragility and contradictions. At the peak of her career and her marriage, she will ignite a discussion that will mark a turning point in her life.

Films Across Borders: Stories of Women includes films from the Mexican Cultural Institute's partners at American University, American Film Institute, The National Gallery, The Immigration Film Festival, the Goethe-Institut, the Embassy of France, SPAIN arts and culture, and the Embassy of Sweden.