February 27, 2018

DC in a Day Film Festival banner

Twice a year, five teams of filmmakers spend the weekend producing five documentaries for DC area nonprofits. These films are invaluable to the organizations, enabling them to apply for grants and to tell their stories in a clear and concise way. Watch the films on the Stone Soup Films Website.  

NYU Washington, DC and Stone Soup Films co-hosted a screening celebration of the 2018 Spring Doc-in-a-Day films! These volunteer teams donated their time to create promotional films for 5 local nonprofits in LESS THAN 48 HOURS on February 24th & 25th.

The films that derived from all this hard work were screened at the festival & a panel of judges selected the winning film. The winning filmmaking team received a $1000 grand prize.

Stone Soup Films and Wells Fargo

About Stone Soup Films

Stone Soup Films amplifies nonprofit impact through digital storytelling. Mentoring and collaborating with professional film and video volunteers, we produce and donate compelling promotional films to support nonprofit organizations with demonstrated, measurable communications needs. Since the advent of social media, organizations of all sizes have been struggling to meet the increased demand for digital content. Recognizing a huge gap in the production capacity of nonprofits, Stone Soup Films was founded by Liz Norton in 2008 to help meet the need and strengthen the sector.