May 7, 2018

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NYU DC Dialogues presented, "A Brief History of Time." This event featured a two-and-a-half-hour lecture on basic cosmological theory through the eyes of Professor Stephen Hawking, as presented by NYU's Director of the Center for Cosmology and Particle Physics and Associate Professor of Physics, Matthew Kleban.

A discussion between the lecturer and audience followed along with light refreshments.

This event was inspired by the late Professor Hawking’s monumental publication, A Brief History of Time (1988), and DC Dialogues seek to bring Professor Hawking’s work to a live discussion—a précis on one of the most complicated hard sciences in accessible vernacular, presented in a free, university-level lecture format open to the public.

Matthew Kleban

Matthew Kleban

Matthew's research focuses on the intersection between string theory, cosmology, and article physics. He is interested in the physics of black holes and gravitational thermodynamics, early universe cosmology and its implications for fundamental physics and in formal aspects of string theory and quantum gravity.