September 23, 2018

the art of political campaigning

As the 2018 congressional elections heat up, political campaigns are looking for student volunteers to reach voters. Volunteers play integral roles in the election by registering new voters and mobilizing the party's base supporters.

NYU Brademas Center and NYU Washington DC co-sponsored this student workshop on the ins and outs of political campaigns from the experts themselves. Students learned how they can make an real impact as a campaign volunteer and what ways they can get involved. This bi-partisan event was led by Molly Banta, a field and communications specialist, and Brian Plaut, a political fundraising and events specialist.  

molly Banta

Molly Banta

Molly Banta currently works at Gumbinner and Davies Communications where she works with federal, local, and independent expenditure campaigns in Virginia, Colorado, and Missouri. Her campaign background is primarily in Field - her first experience was organizing on Hillary’s 2016 primary in Iowa, Kansas, and Wyoming before managing a team in the suburbs of Cleveland during the general election. Prior to joining GDC she worked as the Field Director for Kathy Tran’s race in Virginia and as the Field and Political Director for a congressional primary in Georgia. She moved often growing up, and loves how authentically campaigns facilitate reconnecting with once-familiar places.

Brian Plaut

Brian Plaut

Brian Plaut is a political fundraising and events specialist who has worked on successful races of all sizes. Presently working at a boutique fundraising firm, Brian focuses on major donor relationships for House clients. A native of Long Island, Brian is a proud NYU graduate with a B.S. in Hospitality & Tourism Management. During his time at NYU, he served as Senator at-Large and Chief of Staff of the Student Senate and was a Freshmen Resident Advisor at Founders Hall.