April 26 & 27, 2017
Performed by the Cimrman English Theatre

The Stand In

NYU Washington, DC and the Embassy of the Czech Republic hosted a two-night engagement of The Stand In (Záskok) preformed by the Cimrman English Theatre Company. A humorous play within a play of an actor who cannot remember his lines, this run of The Stand In was the first English language production of this popular, intelligent and witty play. 

Embassy of the Czech Republic

The Stand In

Directed by:
Brian Stewart

Written by:
Zdeněk Svěrák 
Ladislav Smoljak

Performed by:
Cimrman English Theatre

The Stand In (Záskok)

Performed in English with native English-speaking actors

This brilliant comedy, set in 1910, tells the story of a small Czech theatre company who, having lost some company members, recruits the renowned Czech actor Karel Infeld Prácheňský as “The Stand-In” for the premiere of the new play Vlasta by Jára Cimrman. As Karel is unable to remember his lines, as well as the names of the other characters and even the play in which he is performing, chaos inevitably ensues. The play is an authentic, hilarious  translation of the Czech comedy classic.    

90 min.

Who is Jára Cimrman?


Jára Cimrman is a fictitious personality, sometimes called the Czech Monty Python, created by Zdeněk Svěrák and Ladislav Smoljak. He is a poet, philosopher, inventor, musician, mathematician, intellectual, athlete and a prolific playwright. He is esteemed for his immense contribution to the progress of humanity. In 2005, the ficticious charactor won the poll for the “Greatest Czech.” His character has become an intrinsic part of Czech folklore. Quotes from his plays are often used in everyday life. Last year marked the fiftieth anniversary of the “discovery” of his legacy, which has inspired 15 plays, in the town of Liptákov.