November 8, 2017

Children of the Night

NYU Washington, DC, the Italian Cultural Institute and N.I.C.E.  (New Italian Cinema Events) presented a screening of Lucky (Fortunata).  

N.I.C.E. is a non-for-profit cultural organization that was founded in 1991 by a group of film professionals and which has consequently grown into one of the most important expressions of Italian cinematography abroad. The goal of the organization is to promote New Italian Cinema abroad, through a series of film festivals and cultural exchanges. Every year, Nice organizes festivals in the United States, Russia, England, and China. The festival in the USA, taking place every November, is the first one to be organized every year and the oldest for N.I.C.E. 


Sergio Castellitto

Margaret Mazzantini

Jasmine Trinca Fortunata, Stefano Accorsi Patrizio, Alessandro Borghi Chicano, Edoardo Pesce Franco, Nicole Centanni Barbara

Lucky (Fortunata)

Fortunata has a difficult life, she’s the mother of an eight year old daughter with a failed marriage behind her. She works as a hairdresser in people’s houses, going to the homes of the well-off to do women’s hair. Fortunata fights every day with determination to achieve her dream: opening her own salon and challenging fate, in an attempt to emancipate herself and gain her independence and the right to some happiness. She knows that to achieve her dreams she has to be firm: she is ready for anything, but she had not considered the variable of love, the one subversive force capable of sweeping aside every certainty. Also because, perhaps for the first time, someone looks at her as the woman she is and truly loves her.

103 min., Italy, 2017

The Italian Cultural Institute in Washington DC (IIC) is an official organization of the Italian government dedicated to the promotion of Italian language and culture in the United States. It is part of a network including more than 80 cultural institutes worldwide. Since its foundation in 1980, the IIC acts as a lively go-between for Italy and United States and as a reference point for the best in Italian Art, Cinema, Music, Theatre, Design, and Performances in the DC Metro Area.