September 26, 2017

Jazzin' InSchool

NYU Washington, DC and DC Jazz Festival presented NYU Steinhardt School Jazz Studies Director, Dr. Dave Schroeder's Blues Harp Workshop. Dr. Schroeder guided 4th graders from area DC Public Schools through an engaging and interactive lesson on the history of blues music and the blues harp. Students in attendance received their very own blues harp.

Jazzin' InSchool is the newest addition to the DC Jazz Festival Education programs and introduced DC elementary school students to the rich legacy and culture of jazz. 

NYU Steinhardt

DC Jazz Fest

David Schroeder

Dave Schroeder



As Director of the Jazz Studies Program at NYU Steinhardt, Dr. Schroeder’s mission is to create a musical environment for his students that offer total emersion into the jazz culture.

Jazzin' InSchool

Jazzin’ InSchool includes a music appreciation component with insightful jazz history trivia and an interactive, beginner’s approach to learning improvisation. Students will examine jazz’s societal relevance and its connection to significant musical and historical milestones. 

Jazzin' InSchool

The NYU Washington, DC Salon Series: Conversations with Writers & Artists offers an opportunity for the NYU and Washington, DC community to meet and engage in dialogue with acclaimed writers and artists as they reflect on their craft. This program provides facilitated conversations that aim to illuminate the guests’ creative processes, discuss their current works, and explain the impact of their work on the world around us.