November 16, 2015  

Italian Film Festival

NYU Washington, DC hosted a screening of Italo followed by a discussion with the film's director, Alessia Scarso.

The film recounts the sad childhood of young Meno (Vincenzo Lauretta) following the loss of his mother. Italo, a stray dog that reached the Sicilian village of Scicli in a Fall morning, follows him  home and wreaks havoc in the city, where there is an order of the City of catching stray dogs, issued by mayor Antonio (Marco Bocci), Meno’s father. The man tries to face widowhood by diving into work, but he is not able to deal with his son nor with the interest from beautiful Laura (Elena Radonicich), Meno’s teacher. Through a series of fun and serious events, Italo will be the one making things and everyone’s feelings right.  

Italy in USA


The Italian Cultural Institute (IIC) in Washington, DC is an office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation dedicated to the promotion of the Italian culture in the United States.

The main activities of the IIC include the organization and support of exhibitions and festivals, in collaboration with major local institutions, the development of academic exchanges, the incentives to publishing Italian books and the promotion of the Italian language.