July 15, 2015

Film Expo

NYU Washington, DC co-hosted the screening of two films with the Italian Embassy and the Italian Cultural Institute.

"Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life" is the core theme of Expo Milano 2015. This common thread runs through all the events organized both within and outside the official Exhibition Site. 

Expo Milano 2015 provides an opportunity to reflect upon, and seek solutions to, the contradictions of our world. On the one hand, there are still the hungry (approximately 870 million people were undernourished in the period 2010-2012) and, on the other, there are those who die from ailments linked to poor nutrition or too much food (approximately 2.8 million deaths from diseases related to obesity or to being overweight in the same period). In addition, about 1.3 billion tons of foods are wasted every year. For these reasons, we need to make conscious political choices, develop sustainable lifestyles, and use the best technology to create a balance between the availability and the consumption of resources.

US Italy


The destiny of two families becomes intertwined when two headstrong fifteen-year olds decide to get married. Because of a trivial road accident, Ezio, the star-storyteller of this movie, is thrown into a sort of microcosm where parents may be wise but also nuttier than teens, mothers are neurotic but brave, grandmother are inevitably foolish, daughters are gorgeous and dogs are stubborn and in love. In short, two contemporary families which slip classifications and labels, and constantly evolve, in an unstable balance, alive, happy, bewildered. Happy Family is a disguised admission, a disguised diary, a play about fearing happiness, about the fear to turn to something we do not know. It is an exorcism written in Milan in summer, when not a leaf stirs and when what is normally unspoken comes out of the silence. All the wishes and fears. To be too much, of being none. Smiles, clashes and exciting encounters. Eyesores and imperfections watched ironically. Flaws which turn into poetry. And that is how the daily fear of living a half life, of being predictable is driven away. It is a comedy telling life as if it were a movie. Or, it is a movie telling life as if it were a comedy. The screenplay is by Alessandro Genovesi and was finalist at the Franco Solinas 2008 Award. 

Director: Gabriele Salvatores - Italy, 2010, 90 minutes
Screenplay: Alessandro Genovesi
Film in Italian with English subtitles


Irene is a high-class hotel critic in her mid-40s who travels to the most exclusive resorts. She spends her time writing up elaborately detailed reports about the things the staff is doing wrong. Whether timing the room service, taking the temperature of white wine or inspecting dust levels with lint gloves, her voyages are far from relaxing, while her home life is pretty much nonexistent -- except for a longstanding friendship with handsome organic food purveyor Andrea. 

Director: Maria Sole Tognazzi - Italy, 2013, 79 minutes
Film in Italian with English subtitles