March 19, 2014

Haiti Redux is a study of how social entrepreneurs, NGOs, governments and community leaders are collaborating to help restore and construct sustainable communities primed for growth and prosperity. The film, a collaboration between Fountainhead Transmedia and New York University's Schack Institute of Real Estate explores the process of reconstructing schools, orphanages, housing, and infrastructure developments in Haiti.



Q&A with the Director

Frederic King

Immediately following the film, join Director/Producer Fredric King for a question and answer session about Haiti Redux.  Learn how from the debris of Haiti’s devastating earthquake, organizations and individuals were able to unearth innovative ways to rebuild a more stable and sustainable society.

Haiti Redux was produced through a collaboration between The NYU Schack Institute of Real Estate and Fountainhead Transmediawas.  The NYU Schack Institute was founded in 1967, at the initiative of prominent real estate leaders who encouraged NYU to establish an academic center that provided an educational foundation for professionals within their industry.