December 10, 2014

Emiliano Reali is a young, talented Italian writer. He graduated in History of Religions and made his debut when he entered his very first story in a national contest, held by the Holden School of Turin, and won. In 2009, he achieved success with his novel "What if Bambi were a tranny?". Some of his works are recognized as having a high-cultural value and are used in elementary and high schools. In 2012, The City of Rome sponsored the event celebrating his book release of "On the Edge" - Sul ciglio del dirupo, italian version - (DEd'A), which has since been translated in English. It was widely reviewed in the national press and presented on numerous radio and television channels. In 2013, a new and entirely rewritten version of Ordinary was published (DEd'A). It was the first AR-Book (augmented reality) in Italy, and in February 2014 a cartoon version, Ordinary graphic novel, was also published. Reali also writes for the screen and he is a scriptwriter. 

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On the Edge

A book that tells seven stories about life. Emotions, opportunities, encounters, hardships, victories. Stories about men, women and children.

Jenny wants to escape from the superficial world of fashion, a woman wants to rediscover her roots in order to live in the future, Davide and Yassmin take refuge in love while crossing cultural and religious borders, Renato will realize that what matters most is found within his family, the small Dorian will leave behind a dark and gloomy world as he heads toward his new destiny, Anna will teach her daughter the importance of communicating with the heart, Monica will be able to teach Claudio a lot, despite being physically limited by her illness…

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