February 5, 2013

photo: reclaiming the american dream

NYU Washington DC and the Brademas Center co-hosted the event, Reclaiming the American Dream. Alice Rivlin, economist and a member of the President's Debt Commission; Hedrick Smith, former NY Times correspondent and author of the recently published "Who Stole the American Dream"; former Congressman Mickey Edwards, author of "The Parties versus the People," and former Congressman Michael Castle headlined the event with Ray Suarez, Senior Correspondent for the PBS News Hour and distinguished NYU alum who moderated the discussion.


The program examined the linkage between our political and economic problems including the topics of reviving our economy, the politics of inequality, money in politics, the role of political parties, recommended systemic changes and how to effect change. The panel considered whether fixing our politics is a pre-requisite for resolving our economic problems.

Brademas Center

Meet the Panel

photo: mike castle

Mike Castle

photo: hedrick smith

Hedrick Smith

photo: mickey edwards

Mickey Edwards

photo: ray suarez

Ray Suarez

photo: alice rivlin

Alice Rivlin

photo: Reviving the american dream

photo: Who stole the american dream

photo: the party versus the people