July 25, 2013

the rules of presidential elections 2016

The rules of the electoral game have a major impact on the way election are conducted. As we look to the 2016 presidential election, what rules are set in stone - and which ones may change. Will current Electoral College rules be changed to the National Popular Vote plan for president? Will Michigan and Pennsylvania change their winner-take-all voting rules to rules dividing electoral votes? How might the major parties change the nomination schedule and rules affecting caucuses, primaries and their conventions? What will be the impact of changes in voting laws in key swing states?

Forum speakers included Victoria Bassetti, Hendrik Hertzberg, Andrea Levien, Pat Rosenstiel, and Robert Richie. The discussion was moderated by Krist Novoselic, Chairman of the Board at FairVote.


Meet the Panel

Victoria Bassetti

Krist Novoselic

Hendrik Hertzberg

Robert Richie

Andrea Levien

Pat Rosenstiel