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January 27, 2014

That the future of American democracy lies with its young people underscores the urgent need for rebooting how we vote and organize. The millennial generation’s voter participation rates are wildly erratic, plunging to remarkably low levels in city elections and primary elections, and fluctuating erratically in state and federal elections. Voter registration rates in major parties are in steep decline even amid the most rigid partisan voting patterns in more than a century.

Central to the problem is our reliance on 18th century electoral laws, 19th century party models and 20th century systems of political communication. Four of the nation’s leading political thinkers and practitioners discussed the problem of moving our democracy fully into the 21 century, from practical suggestions like ranked choice voting and internet organizing to broader ideas about what a modern party system should look like and how we get there.


Governor Howard Dean

Steve McMahon

Anne Johnson

Rob Richie


This event was organized in partnership with for the #DemocracyNow program series.