Section Headings

Are section headings present, and in a logical structure?

In HTML, heading elements help assistive technology users to navigate and orient themselves within a page. For example, desktop screen reader users can navigate from heading to heading by pressing the numeric key 1 to reach the main heading (the start of the content) and the numeric key 2 to cycle through sub-headings in order to quickly find information relevant to their needs.

But in some cases, this structure is not used, for example when headings are provided as text that is styled with bigger, bolder text to look like a heading, without using the appropriate heading element. In such occasions, there is no structural information available to assistive technologies, which limits their ability to support easier browsing and understanding of page structure.

When heading structure doesn't accurately reflect the hierarchy of content on a page, for example if text identified in HTML as a Level 1 heading is actually some bold text within a paragraph and not intended to be a heading, then heading navigation can become confusing for assistive technology users.

Example code: The headings overview on a page and the associated structural mark up. 

Web page with headings highlighted

<h1>About us</h1>

<h2>Eastdil Secured Overview</h2>

<h3>Business Lines</h3>

<h3>Product Types</h3>