System Requirements

To edit within the CMS Authoring Environment, you do not need to install any special software applications. The CMS is accessed through a web browser. Currently, the only supported browser for using the CMS is Mozilla Firefox.

For optimal viewing of the CMS interface, use a screen resolution of 1024 x 768 or higher and the most recent version of Firefox. If your system does not allow for 1024 x 768 resolution, 800 x 600 will still allow you to view the full width of the page.

Make sure to disable "Pop-up Blockers" while working within the CMS Authoring Environment.

Network Requirements

The CMS may only be accessed from within the NYU network. If you need to access the CMS Authoring Environment off-campus, you will need to connect using the NYU VPN. Please review the set-up instructions on the Connect to NYU-NET from Off Campus page.

Login Information

When accessing the CMS, your NYU NetID and password serve as your login credentials. Your password for the CMS will only change if and only if you update your NetID password (this is the same password used when logging into NYU Home).

Login to the CMS using the following URL:

We suggest that you bookmark this URL in your Firefox browser for easy reference. You will also find links throughout the CMS Training and Support pages as well.

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