For Administrators and Professionals and Professional Research Staff - New York, District of Columbia, and California*

*This Employee Handbook applies to Administrators/Professionals and Professional Research Staff working for New York University-New York, New York University-Washington, D.C., and/or New York University-California, and contains links to applicable University policies and guidelines. The coverage and scope of these policies and guidelines can vary by employee classification and work location.

Administrators/Professionals and Professional Research Staff shall review and abide by these policies and guidelines, as applicable, now and in the future.  Supervisors and Human Resources personnel are expected to review and administer these policies and guidelines in a consistent and equitable manner.

Nothing in this Employee Handbook shall be construed to create a contract of employment, or otherwise affect or change the at-will status of an Administrator/Professional or Professional Research Staff. The University reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to modify or revoke any of the policies or guidelines contained in this Employee Handbook, at any time, in accordance with applicable law.

Please note that these policies and guidelines do not apply to the NYU School of Medicine or NYU Langone Health, unless expressly stated in the policy or guideline.