PeopleSync (Workday) is NYU’s system for entering time worked and requesting time off. All NYU administrators, researchers, staff, and student employees in New York, D.C., and Los Angeles locations will use PeopleSync for time tracking and absence management. Visit for training resources and more information.


Training and Support

PeopleSync gives employees one simple way to access their HR, payroll, and stipend information. PeopleSync serves as one system of record for all faculty, employee, organizational, and payroll data across NYU.

Use PeopleSync to:

  • View your job, personal, and contact information
  • Manage your direct deposit
  • View your payslips

How to use PeopleSync:

Login to NYUHome

  • Visit NYUHome and click PeopleSync under the Work tab or Academics tab

Note: Faculty and staff are required to use NYU Multi-Factor Authentication to access PeopleSync.

Tips on Getting Started

  • PeopleSync Overview (PDF)
  • PeopleSync for New Hires (PDF)
  • PeopleSync for New Student Employees (PDF)
  • PeopleSync for Retirees (PDF)
  • Completing Your I-9 Form (PDF)

Personal and Contact Information

  • Changing Your Preferred Name (PDF)
  • Changing Your Personal Information (Google Doc)
  • Updating Your Contact Information (PDF)
  • Updating Your Emergency Contacts (PDF)

Pay Information

  • Managing Your Direct Deposit Information (PDF)
  • Viewing Your Payslip in PeopleSync (PDF)
  • Comparing Your Old to New Payslip (PDF, SOE PDF)
  • Completing Your State and Local Withholding Elections (PDF)
  • Completing Your W-4 Form (PDF)
  • Providing Consent for Your Form W-2 (PDF)
  • Accessing Your Form W-2 (PDF)


PeopleSync strives to meet or exceed the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0, level AA.

PeopleSync is optimized for:

  • Keyboard-only use
  • User color and contrast stylesheets and compatible software
  • Compatible screen magnification software 
  • Compatible screen readers and Text-to-Speech (TTS) software

Review the PeopleSync Accessibility Interaction Overview for information on keyboard shortcuts, page structure, and an overview of user interaction widgets.

To report an accessibility issue with PeopleSync, complete the Digital Accessibility Request form or email